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JUNE 8, 2022

The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation (ILBCF) is offering educational scholarship opportunities to high school seniors and undergraduate students who will continue their education at a two or four-year institution in Fall 2022.


The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation was incorporated in 2005 with a purpose to serve as a communication link between the Illinois Black Caucus and the African American community.


Our goal is to provide educational resources and financial opportunities for African American students throughout the State of Illinois. To date, we have successfully awarded over $850,000 in scholarship support to deserving students since our inception!

It is through an educated and dedicated populous that we are able to build a community that has a quality of life in which all of us would be proud to call home. ILBCF believes in order for communities to prosper and grow we must have an educated population that will promote social responsibility. We hope that our scholarship recipients will pay it forward through their committed efforts with civic engagement, their careers and dedication to society.

The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation is constantly investigating ways to ensure that our processes are current with technological advancements therefore, we are excited to present the 2021 ILBCF Scholarship Application in an online fillable format. Please note, you can still access the downloadable form from our website.

Thank you for applying and Good Luck!


Please fill out the ILBCF Scholarship Application below.

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