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Every year, the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation awards deserving student scholarships in hopes that it helps them advance their education. If you or a deserving student you know is interesting in the ILBCF scholarship, below is a link with instructions and the application.


The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation has continually played a role in the development of our future leaders. Whether it be the scholarships it gives to students to further their education, or an opportunity to teach middle-schoolers about the function of state government – the ILBCF has been in the forefront. In an effort to further that mission, the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation’s Council on Urban Affairs is soliciting applications for its first class of research fellows. The fellowship will allow college, graduate or law students an opportunity to advance a legislative proposal they develop.


Social Justice /
Public Policy Institute

This is the ILBCF’s newly created research agency. Formerly known as the Council on Urban Affairs, it is tasked with legislative research, legislative tracking and advancing the ILBCF’s legislative agenda.

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