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Black Caucus gets in formation, saves Chicago State University

Today, both the House and the Senate sent legislation to the Governor’s desk to keep the doors open at Chicago State University and a host of other state universities. Senate Bill 2059, which was spearheaded by House Black Caucus Chairman Representative Rita Mayfield (D – Waukegan) and Senate Appropriations Chairman Donne Trotter (D-Chicago) , provides $600 million from the Education Assistance Funds (EAF) for operations funding for all nine public universities, the Illinois Math and Science Academy and the City Colleges of Chicago.

“This is not the answer; this is just the start of the conversation,” said Rep. Mayfield. “We need to work together to put people first. People are suffering, and it’s our responsibility to pass a budget and keep universities open and keep social service programs operational.”

The measure provides base operation and equalization grants for community colleges and MAP Grants.

“We’ve been fighting the governor since last May to keep the doors of our great institutions of learning open,” said Trotter, the Senate Appropriations II chairman. “Chicago State, in my own backyard, would be on the brink of closure without this funding. I am glad that my Republican counterparts, and hopefully the governor, are finally on board with helping students graduate.”

The measure will now be sent to the Governor where he will either sign it into law or veto it.

Here is a video of the press conference which followed the passage of the bill.

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