Lilly highlights redistricting reform measure, urges passage

SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Camille Lilly, D-Chicago, voted for House Resolution Joint Constitutional Amendment 58, which would establish an independent, bipartisan commission to draw state legislative districts in Illinois.

“I supported this measure because we should take the map drawing process out of the hands of elected officials and turn it over to an independent commission,” said Lilly. “Unfortunately, the Senate did not act on this measure, so voters will not have the opportunity to be able to support this effort in November.”

The Lilly-backed measure answers concerns about a lack of fairness in the drawing of legislative districts by creating a plan to put an independent commission in charge in the future. The measure allows for the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court and the highest ranking justice of the opposite party on the Court to name eight members to this commission. The bill bans current and recently elected officials from serving on the panel, along with lobbyists, business owners who contract with the state and state employees. The proposal also lays out other requirements, including holding 15 public hearings throughout Illinois for the public to give input into the maps.

“This measure was truly a collaborative effort that drew upon proposals from good government groups and studied how other states have implemented impendent redistricting,” said Lilly. “I want more accountable, transparent and responsible state government that delivers the best for all Illinoisans, and I will continue to work to make that a reality.”

Lilly represents the 78th District, which includes parts of Chicago, Elmwood Park, Melrose Park, Franklin Park, Oak Park, and River Grove.

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