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Lilly Hosts Local Event for Youths

CHICAGO – Over this past weekend, state Rep. Camille Lilly, D-Chicago, held her monthly I’m 17 event for youths on the Westside who are 17 years old to encourage them to get involved locally and highlighted their significance as the potential next generation of leaders.

“We started this get together because we wanted to offer our younger generations the chance to understand their importance to their own voices and lives, to those around them and their communities,” said Lilly. “Every day I aim to stress the significance of civic engagement to them, because their significance doesn’t start later in life. It is now and always will be.”

Since February of this year, Lilly has hosted this event in order to encourage 17 year olds to be active in their community as well as making positive choices in their daily lives. At the event, other elected officials participated in this event to give their wisdom for the aspiring youths in their future endeavors. Additionally, the NAACP Youth Council attended the event to add another perspective on local involvement and long-term goals.

“I believe the older generations should take time to listen to the 17 year olds to properly guide and teach them how to become involved and strive for their success,” said Lilly. “While I do believe younger students, children and teenagers should build their own lives as they see fit, we adults need to realistically and positively guide them in their lifelong pursuits and their voices will assist and guide us to do just that.”

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