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Slaughter Advocates for President Obama’s Birthday to Become a State Holiday

CHICAGO – To honor the legacy and accomplishments of former President Barack Obama, state Rep. Justin Slaughter, D-Chicago, is co-sponsoring legislation that would make Obama’s birthday an Illinois state holiday.

“President Obama has been a role model and active Illinois public servant for many years,” Slaughter said. “The people of Illinois, particularly the citizens in my district, consider him a hero and a true staple of the community. I believe his legacy deserves to be honored by the state that gave him his start, and that residents in Illinois would be proud to celebrate a holiday honoring him.”

House Bill 503 amends the State Commemorative Dates Act, and would designate Obama's date of birth, Aug. 4, as a legal state holiday in Illinois. Under such a holiday, state offices and departments would be closed for business. Already, the same practice occurs annually in Illinois in honor of former President Abraham Lincoln. If passed and signed into law, House Bill 503 would go into effect immediately and would first be recognized this year.

“President Obama has been a great role model for our children and for those of us who are seeking to make a difference in public service,” Slaughter said. “His commitment to the cause of disadvantaged people will be long remembered after his years in office, and I hope that all Illinois residents are excited about the possibility of celebrating such a representative of our state.”

For more information, please contact Slaughter’s constituent service office at 773-445-9700

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