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Rep. Stratton: ‘Today’s Budget Vote Allows the Healing to Begin’

CHICAGO – State Rep. Juliana Stratton, D-Chicago, issued the following statement upon voting to override Governor Rauner’s veto of a full-year, bipartisan, balanced budget:

“Our governor is a billionaire – so three years with no budget has not changed his life. For my residents, three years without a budget is an eternity."

“That is why I am so disappointed that the governor vetoed our budget. Our budget funds our universities, domestic violence shelters, anti-violence programs, Meals on Wheels and every other program that takes care of our most vulnerable. Our budget even received 15 Republican votes. And the governor still could not find the sense to sign it into law."

“My override vote today fully funds the social service agencies forced to reduce services, cut staff and shut their doors. My override vote today ensures our local schools open in the fall and provides our students the aide required to attend college. My override vote today fully funds preventive mammograms and other critical health care services for women and the frail elderly."

“It’s time to end this impasse, once and for all. My hope was that the governor and the legislature could come to an agreement, and I certainly tried my best by meeting the governor more than halfway on all of his requests in order to come to a budget deal. But Illinois can’t wait any longer. Nor can the state look to the governor for leadership given the political games he is willing to play as we are so close to the brink and so many are suffering."

“It is a new day for Illinois and a new day for those who suffered as a result of this budget crisis. I have had so many conversations from those who have lost health care, jobs or access to college or other services because of this crisis. Their lives have been altered. Yet there is hope. The hemorrhaging seems to have stopped. The healing can now begin.”

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