Conyears-Ervin Expands Access to Economic Development Programs

CHICAGO – By ending Gov. Rauner’s budget crisis, state Rep. Melissa Conyears-Ervin, D-Chicago, increased access to economic development programs that create new jobs and improve the economy.

“The governor’s budget crisis has created irreparable damage to our state, and the best way that we can repair that damage is to invest in our communities,” said Conyears-Ervin. “The budget that I supported will once again fund programs that assist people with resume writing and job training, which ultimately will make our workforce more skilled and competitive.”

To create new jobs in low-income communities, Conyears-Ervin supported the state budget that ended Gov. Rauner’s budget crisis. The budget contained $18.4 million for job training grants and $2.15 million for community and economic development programs, which ensures funding for the African-American Family Commission. As a freshman legislator, Conyears-Ervin has made job creation one of her top priorities. One of the first pieces of legislation that she introduced, House Bill 3744, would require, to the extent practicable, construction projects to have at least 10% of their workforce from low-income communities.

“Together, we have the responsibility to provide everyone in our state with resources that help them get trained for work,” said Conyears-Ervin. “I will continue fighting for everyone in my community to ensure that they can work and take care of their families.”

State Rep. Melissa Conyears-Ervin represents Illinois’ 10th district. Her office can be reached by phone at 773-417-1020, by email at, or on Facebook at

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