Greenwood Urges Governor to Sign Breast Cancer Screening Expansion

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – State Rep. LaToya Greenwood, D-East St. Louis, is urging Gov. Rauner to sign legislation that would require insurance companies to offer additional life-saving breast cancer screenings for at-risk patients.

“Access to MRI screenings are critical to women’s health and detecting breast cancer early can allow for the proper treatment to fight against the cancer,” Greenwood said. “When it comes to diagnosis, early detection can mean the difference between life and death.”

If signed into law, Senate Bill 314 would allow more women to receive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) screenings in addition to a typical mammogram by requiring health insurance companies to provide coverage if a mammogram shows dense tissue. While a mammogram is recommended for most women, studies have shown that a supplemental MRI screening can increase detection of breast cancer for women with a strong family history of breast cancer. It does not serve as a replacement for a mammogram, but is considered an important complementary screening tool.

“All residents who are at risk of breast cancer should have access to these vital screenings, and this measure is an effort to expand preventative services for those in need,” Greenwood said. “I urge Governor Rauner to sign this very important piece of legislation so residents throughout our state can receive the preventative health care that will possibly save their lives.”

For more information, please contact Greenwood’s constituent service office at 618-646-9557 or at

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